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7. Methods of delivery for DIablo 3 online service
a. If it is dIablo 3 gold you buy from us, we will deliver it to you by face to face. Please go to the live support after you paid for the purchase, then the operaor there will help to deliver your diablo 3 gold order. Our gamer will send you a friend request in Diablo III, then you 2 can join a new and trade by face to face in the new game. Please don't give diablo 3 gold to anyone you don't know. There is one more thing need to be pointed out that never will we ask you for diablo 3 gold back to us. If you happen to be in the situation that someone tell you that he is a gamer from us and ask you gold back, please do not do what he tells you. He is not from us! He is probably the diablo 3 gold scammer in Diablo III.
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